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The Earth Saviours Foundation
Feb 2022

  • working with The Earth Saviours Foundation in Haryana, India

  • assisted with providing shelter and meals for abandoned senior citizens, homeless individuals, the mentally-impaired, deprived women, etc.


Blanket Donations
Jan 2022

  • Distributed blankets to lower-income districts in Delhi, India


Holiday Szn Toy Drive
Dec 2022

  • Hosted toy drive at Saguaro High School for the benefit of Phoenix Children's Hospital

  • Donated hundreds of toys to youth patients


Port Pillow Project
 Jan - April 2022

  • created hundreds of different-sized port pillows–designed to relieve pain and discomfort caused by a chemotherapy port positioned in the shoulder area beneath undergarments, bra straps, or car seatbelts—for female cancer patients

  • protects the post-surgical area from the constant rubbing of the bra strap or seat belt during everyday activities, donated to Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers 


Local School Club - 'Helping Hand’
Aug 2021 - Present

  • collaboration of HealthForHER & Period@Phoenix, dedicated to ending period poverty and providing health resources for underprivileged individuals

  • created menstrual kits (multiple times)—containing pads, tampons, and liners—donated to foster females living at the Sunshine Angel Residential Homes


COVID Protection Resources Event for Refugees
May 2021

  • Worked with refugees from the Middle East and Africa

  • visited refugee homes and educated refugee families about COVID-19 and vaccines using COVID information sheets in four different languages

  • helped book COVID vaccination appointments for families with the support of ValleyWise Health Medical Center

  • distributed COVID protection resources for families and mothers with new babies

  • provided COVID-safe snacks for younger children

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Restaurant Fundraisers to Raise Money
May 2021

  • Chipotle

  • Panda Express


Refugee Holiday Baby Wipes Drive 
Dec 2020

hosted a drive & donated baby wipes for mothers receiving care at ValleyWise Health Medical Center


Workshop at Summit
Feb 2022

  • spoke to middle-school students at Summit School of Ahwatukee about HFH's mission and impact

  • created cards with positive messages for refugees in Arizona


Revisit at IMSE
Dec 2022

  • Checked in with the 8th, 9th, and 10th-grade girls at the Innovative Minds School of Excellence

  • Exchanged stories/experiences and asked questions

  • Guest speaker, Dr. Aaska Bajaj spoke about studying medicine in India and eventually in the USA


HFH Wellness Bottles
Aug 2022 

  • Distributed wellness kits with toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, bandages, pack of wet wipes, & LiquidIV, all placed inside a water bottle to three schools in India (Innovative Minds School of Excellence, Nutan Kanya Vidylay Talegaon, & Model High School Talegaon)

  • Two-day event - Sanya Somani spoke to the girls about hydration, changes a woman goes through, self-care, confidence, and focus on education/career + a smaller group Q&A session

  • Guest speaker, Dr. Rashmi Bajaj, taught the girls proper brushing techniques & alternative, cheaper methods for hydration

  • Junior golfer, Arjun Somani, talked to the male students about educational/athletic life in the United States & the importance of a nutritious diet


Hosted Card-Making Workshop

 Dec 2021 & Aug 2022

created cards for refugee children to help brighten and uplift their days with middle school and high school students and educated the students on the importance of helping out in the community and HFH's cause

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The Welcome to America Project
July 2021

Donated clothing and childcare products to WTAP (provides stable community support for refugees escaping war/oppression & assists them during their transition to America)

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Refugee Diaper Bag Drive
May 2021

  • held a community event for refugee mothers from Syria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and more.

  • with the support of ValleyWise Health Medical Center, provided COVID-safe snacks for younger children

  • distributed baby care products and bags containing donations of diapers, baby wipes, & extra COVID protection resources for new mothers

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The Women's Health Matters Movement
Jan 2021

created and shared signs, virtually and in-person, to help spread awareness and increase enthusiasm around HFH’s mission and its importance

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