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  • Sanya Somani

Reproductive Rights in Arizona

Arizona laws regulating reproductive rights have been a rollercoaster of emotion for citizens. From the ban of 1864 being reinstated, to the protests of abortion restrictions, to the response by clinics and medical providers, laws regulating reproductive rights have been heavily controversial in the purple state of Arizona (Finley). The Supreme Court’s official overturning of Roe v. Wade has brought Arizona back nearly one hundred fifty years in time to the Arizona state legislature now passing anti-abortion laws. AZ Central states, “Previously, abortions had been legal in the state up until viability, which is typically 23 weeks or 24 weeks”. However, despite the back-and-forth legal rulings, as of October 7th, abortion care has been resumed in Arizona for now. Yet, this only applies if the abortion is up to the fifteenth week of pregnancy with no exceptions for neither incest nor rape. The AZ Mirror explains how abortion rights advocates are countering these legal battles by coming together to participate in nationwide movements “to protest recent abortion restrictions and call for the election of pro-choice candidates” (Franklin). The emphasis on electing pro-choice candidates into Arizona office that will advocate for reproductive rights freedoms has been more prominent than ever before; Hence, the increase of women voter registration in Arizona as well. The Guardian writes about how medical professionals are being forced to send abortion-seeking patients out of state to avoid criminal charges. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood reports that the dispute surrounding competing abortion laws has resulted in confusion among clinics and other abortion providers in fear of repercussions (Exclusive 01:05). Altogether, Arizona laws regulating reproductive rights have prohibited a women’s basic human right to choose with the new restrictions on pregnancy termination.

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